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DIY Starter (motor, propeller, VESC, remote control)

DIY Starter (motor, propeller, VESC, remote control)

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The DIY Starter Set is ideal for anyone who wants to start building their own eFoil.

You will receive our EASYFOIL 65162 engine with matching propeller, as well as a remote control and the BWESC V4.
So you have all the important electronic components to start cheap and coordinated in the self-construction of an eFoil.

Compatible with VESC®* Software, based on Firmware 6.2

Scope of delivery :

  • Motor 65162, 120 KV
  • Propeller 6"
  • BWESC V4 (optional with the module)
  • Remote control with charger

The BWESC V4 runs the popular VESC®*-Project firmware by Benjamin Vedder. 
* VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder 

Important note:
All BWESCs V4 are 100% tested before delivery and have been given a test configuration and a motor run. The test configuration is retained on delivery. Any changes, adjustments, short circuits, solder bridges, insufficient cooling, incompatible updates, incorrect operation with the VESC tool, etc. are exclusively at your own risk and are excluded from any warranty and product liability. With the purchase you expressly agree.

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