Admission & Insurance


eFoils and electric foils are generally permitted in Germany, but require approval as a small vehicle. The EASYFOIL ONE is delivered with a corresponding hull identification number (= hull identification number or HIN) and the corresponding papers for approval by a German shipping authority.
A driving license is not required in Germany for watercraft under 15 hp (6 hp on the Rhine). The EASYFOIL is electronically locked, which is why these limitations can be observed.

The hull identification number is located inside the box on the engine controls cover and always begins with the letters BWE. 
The engine number is located on the engine connector.

Please note that many bodies of water in Germany are not federal waterways and therefore different regulations may apply. For example, it may be possible that you do not need a permit or that it is prohibited even with a permit.


An eFoil is water sports equipment, which is why we strongly recommend taking out insurance to protect yourself and others. We can here Insurer Nammert recommend. You can use the online calculator below to calculate the annual premium.