• 2 batteries possible and therefore up to 180 minutes of driving fun!

  • New more efficient engine control unit (ESC)

  • Aluminum quick-release fasteners for greater durability

  • Compatible parts for all EASYFOIL versions


The new eFoil from EASYFOIL was developed in Germany and should take up minimal space with the inflatable board for maximum fun. With the possibility of 2 batteries, you can glide over the water for up to 3 hours. For subsequent adventures, an additional battery can help. The entire EASYFOIL was designed to fit in a travel bag that is included in the package. In total, the EASYFOIL TWO weighs only 27 kg, making it the lightest eFoil.


Longlife battery packs

The EASYFOIL TWO gives you the possibility to connect one or two 28 Ah battery in a waterproof and removable box.  2 batteries guarantee fun for up to 3 hours and can be fully recharged within 2.5 hours.  The package includes a 10A charger.  Additional batteries are available and can prolong the fun.  You can also purchase a 25A quick charger as an accessory.



New more efficient engine control unit (ESC)

In order for the motor of the EASYFOIL to be driven, an electronic motor control system is required. The so-called ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) supplies the motor with the required voltage and is at the same time responsible for regulating the power of the motor in a targeted manner. The ESC in the EASYFOIL TWO, newly manufactured in Bonn (Made in Germany), is installed directly in the mast, which enables two batteries to be used simultaneously.


Carbon lid with aluminum quick-release fasteners

The newly designed carbon lid of the technology box is now equipped with 4 aluminum quick-release fasteners, which ensure a longer durability and avoid tedious screwing for battery replacement.  


It is with great pride that we announce that the accessories of the EASYFOIL ONE'22 are compatible with the EASYFOIL TWO and thus the following advantages are given:

  • Longer shelf life

  • Easy retrofitting

  • Many options for composition

  • Use-free application


inflatable board

The inflatable board (MSI Fusion Structure) is ideal for transport space-saving and with 4kg correspondingly light.   The board is built like a standup paddle board.
LxWxH: 160 x 65 x 12 cm or
LxWxH: 200 x 80 x 12 cm
The air pump is included in the package, as is a repair kit.

Waterproof technical box

At the heart of the inflatable board is the waterproof technology box, where all the technology and thus the batteries and the drive of the EASYFOIL are at home. The box, made of CFRP and GFRP, is designed to fit the board and weighs around 6.5 kg.


EASYFOIL Mast and Wing

The mast and wing have been specially developed for eFoiling and are therefore extremely robust. With a length of 75 cm, it is also suitable for all riders from beginners to professionals.  The front wing is available in 3 options from 1150cm² over 1600cm² to 2000cm² in size. So there is something for every driver. The Carbon Backwing is 400cm² tall.


Powerful engine with matched propeller

The powerful motor accelerates the eFoil, depending on the mounted wing, to over 40 km/h and makes you fly. The propeller specially developed and manufactured for this engine completes the drive. There are four different propellers to choose from:

  • 5.5" propeller for better acceleration 
  • 6" propeller - our all-rounder and standard
  • 7" propeller for a higher top speed
  • Folding propeller for everyone who wants to surf a wave


Handy remote control

With the waterproof remote control, the speed of the EASYFOIL can be infinitely variable 
. The connection to the drive is provided via Bluetooth. The remote control has a speed indicator and a battery indicator for the EASYFOILS battery and the remote control.   The package includes a wireless charging station for the remote control.




24 months warranty

For all products we give the legal warranty of 24 months.

 Overview technical Data EASYFOIL TWO

Dimensions Inflatable (LxWxH)

160 x 65 x 12 cm (Standard/Carbon) oder
200 x 80 x 12 cm (BIG)

Dimensions for transport (LxWxH) that. 88 x 44 x 42 cm
Maximum power 3,600W
max. speed approx. 40 km/h
Runtime (1 battery / 2 batteries) up to 90 minutes / up to 180 minutes
(1 battery / 2 batteries)
up to 22 km / up to 44 km
weight ready to use approx. 27 kg
weight for transportation approx. 30 kg
Maximum payload 90 / 110 kg (Standard, Carbon / BIG Board)


EASYFOIL TWO Instruction Manual
EASYFOIL TWO Manual (English version)