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DIY Propulsion (Mast, Motor, Propeller)

DIY Propulsion (Mast, Motor, Propeller)

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For all do-it-yourself people we offer the Propulsion Set with the mast, the mastplate, engine and propeller, you can choose one of the three available propellers

The 6 "pitch propeller perfectly transmits the power of the engine into the water. With the 7 "Pitch propeller you reach a higher top speed and with the Folding Propeller you are perfectly equipped for riding waves. The hole spacing of the mast plate is 165x90mm. And the hole spacing of the two fastening screws in order to attach the casting to the mast is 40mm. The mast is very stable and has a total length of 75cm.

Scope of delivery:

  • Engine 6 kW
  • Mastplate (V2)
  • Mast
  • Propeller of choice
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