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You always wanted an eFoil?
The price is too high for you?
Are you going to build an eFoil yourself?
You do not know what you need and where you get all the components from?

Then this set is just right for you.
The EASYFOIL TWO DIY kit to build yourself!
You will save your desktop €1,750!!

The kit contains almost all the components you need to build your eFoils. So you just need a little patience, skill and some tools.

The set includes:
-Board + technology box with quick fasteners
- Mast, Mastclamp, Motor, Propeller, Frontwing, Backwing, Fuselage.
-Remote control
-Battery (finished assembled)
-All screws

The kit comes in individual parts and without assembly or installation instructions. A recommendation about individual construction steps is included. Cables must be laid by yourself, holes if necessary Be drilled, seals laid, motor must be adjusted, VESC & remote control must be programmed and adjusted.
There are sufficient instructions on this on the web.

Materials required: Sikaflex, contact adhesive, epoxy resin, various tools

The pictures show a fully constructed eFoil, which has to be built in-house. The last two pictures show examples of how the set is delivered.
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