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The EASYDRIVE PLUS to retrofit for your wingfoil, kitefoil, SUP foil, ... as a DIY kit. Are you a handyman and want to build the ED+ yourself and save a lot of money?
The EASYDRIVE PLUS comes in individual parts, but a lot has already been prepared.
You have to install, wire, program and potting the engine control unit.
The case is already prepared, so you don't have to drill holes or make cutouts here.
For the completion you need electronics potting material, material for soldering, VESC programming skills, tools, patience and some time.
A short step-by-step guide is included.

For those days with less waves or wind, or simply as a support.
It is an assist motor with a little more power than the EASY Drive.
Suitable for slightly heavier riders or even for eFoiling with very light riders, depending on the setup.


  • VESC
  • Motor waterproof with 200 cm cable
  • Folding propeller made of aluminium
  • Motor mount for different mast profiles
  • Waterproof technical box
  • 12.6 Ah battery 8S (fully assembled)
  • charger
  • Waterproof remote control with charger
  • mounting material

The pictures show a fully assembled ED+ and may differ slightly.
Picture 1 and picture 4 shows the condition in which the DIY kit is delivered.

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