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Dimensions and data:

BWESC V4 Platine: 140 x 45 x 16mm
Input Voltage: up to 67 Volts (16S)
Phase current: up to 200 A
Battery current: up to 130 A
Cooling required at the bottom by thermal pad on heat sink (active or passive)
Compatible with VESC®* Software, based on Firmware 6.2


Power supply screw-bar with M4 connectors
Phase screwable with M4 or optional to solder (please choose)
3x ADC with 3.3 V
1x Hall 5V or SPI for encoder or UART2 (external 10k pullup necessary)
1x CAN
1x USB-C


ESP32 with licensed software in conjunction with the Metr app (App Store + Google Play)
GPS in conjunction with Metr module


3x Mosfet Temp Sensor
Phase filter
VESC® Software
VESC-BMS capable
Motor current. Battery power and power adjustable from each other, thus full acceleration from a standstill without exceeding the maximum permissible power
Speed limit
Low voltage limit as a soft and hard cutoff
Field weakening

The BWESC V4 runs the popular VESC®*-Project firmware by Benjamin Vedder. 
* VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder 


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