EASYFOIL ONE Starter Package

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The new EASYFOIL ONE '22 Starter Package contains everything you need to get started.

Our 2022 Model got the following update:

  • 3 different boards to chose 
  • 13S battery with more power 
  • Quick-release fastener at the lid of the technical box
  • Wing Bags
  • 4 different propeller as option

You can choose one of our three different boards:

1. Standard Board with 160 x 65 x 12 cm.
2. BIG Board with 200 x 80 x 12 cm for beginners and heavy riders
3. Our limited Carbon Edition with 160 x 65 x 12 cm.

You choose one of three different front wings.
We offer you three sizes, depending on your personal preferences and your skills.
The Cruiser has a surface area of 2000 cm².
The Sport wing has an area of 1600 cm².
And the Pro wing as the smallest of the series has an area of 1150 cm².


  • Inflatable board with technical box and air pump
  • ESC
  • Mast 75cm (with motor and 6" propeller)
  • Frontwing (Cruiser, Sport or Pro)
  • Waterproof remote control with Cruise Control
  • 28 Ah battery pack
  • Charger 10A
  • Transport bag with wheels
  • Wing Bags
  • Repair kit

Delivery time: approx. 1 week