The new EASY Drive PLUS from bw electronics GmbH was developed for the everyday foiler who wants to get more out of a foil session. It helps you to go even further, to catch the perfect wave or simply as a support off the coast on windless or waveless days.

What's included?

  • EASY Drive PLUS Kit for your WingFoil, SUP, Kitefoil etc.
  • Foldable aluminum propeller
  • Motor mount with individual mast profile 
  • Waterproof electronics box
  • 12.6 Ah battery 8S with the EASY Drive PLUS
  • Wireless remote control
  • 240V Battery Charger
  • Wireless induction charger for remote control
  • 3M Dual Lock adhesive fasteners for attaching the electronics box to the board
  • 3M self-adhesive cable routing for attaching the motor cable to the board
  • Mast cable routing for attaching the motor cable to the trailing edge of the mast

With high thrust and efficiency as well as a large battery, the EASY Drive PLUS is perfect for riders who need more power, for learner drivers or for those who want to make longer journeys. The EASY Drive PLUS can also be used for foiling in flat water.

Due to the wireless connection, the box must remain above the waterline during use.

Just write to us if you have any questions regarding. mast compatibility to make sure everything works

Measure EASY Drive PLUS cable length 


Feature EASY Drive PLUS
installation weight approx. 3.7 kg
operating voltage 28 - 32 V
battery pack 12.6 Ah battery 8S
max. Continuous power < 2,2 kW
max. Thrust 24.5 kg
run time up to 3 hours depending on use case
charging time Ca. 2 hours
installation time approx. 10 mins
Propellermaterial Aluminum